B1 Owl 17-well Thermo Fisher Compatible Comb

Gel Combs LLC

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With 17 wells, this comb is perfect for pouring a gel for 2 entire sets of 8 PCR tubes or 2 entire 8 well columns of a 96 well plate, and has a well left over to run a ladder. The MC on this comb means that its wells are spaced to be compatible with a multichannel pipette for easy loading. With a handle molded in light blue polycarbonate and a raised, molded label, finding this comb in a drawer full of other combs is easy. This 17 well comb belongs to the family of combs that are fully compatible with the Thermo Fisher OWL B1 system. Other combs offered for this system include, a 2 well prep comb, a 9 well comb that is multichannel compatible (MC), a 10 well comb, a 13 well comb, and a 14 well comb.

At Gel Combs, we strive to make your job as a researcher easier. Our vibrant colors and molded comb labels make finding the right comb a simple task. Molded in extremely durable polycarbonate, our combs will pass the test of time. And our unique well configurations, designed with feedback from researchers like you, make sense with other common lab tools, reducing waste and saving cost.