Our Mission

Gel Combs LLC is a life sciences manufacturer located in Wisconsin's growing bio-tech hub near the State Capitol. It is Gel Combs’ mission to make great lab supplies that enable great science. Often used and often neglected, the gel comb is the unsung hero of the wet lab, sometimes used to cast upwards of a dozen gels in a single day. We designed a suite of gel combs that makes your life easier by being:

  • Innovative

    Our combs are labeled, color-coded, and composed of high-strength polycarbonate. The number of wells in many of our combs are designed to accommodate 8 (or 16) PCR samples plus a ladder. Our prep combs are great for DNA extraction with large wells and space for ladders for each sample. Our multichannel-compatible (MC) combs are spaced just right to allow for fast loading with a multichannel pipette.


  • Economical

    Our individual combs are offered at a fraction of the price of a typical comb. Need more than one comb? Try our sets of 5 combs for an even better deal.


  • Attractive

    Let’s face it, function means more than form for any researcher. But with up to 6 available colors and a sleek chamfered design, the eye-catching nature of our combs is certainly a plus.

Our Team

Our fields of experience range from Chemical Engineering to Medical Physics to Biochemistry and between. We believe that it is through interdisciplinary cooperation like this that problems are identified, solutions are found, products are improved, and the status quo is questioned.

Our Vision

As we grow, we hope to expand our product line and redesign other tools commonly seen around the lab. We have already begun expanding our redesign efforts to gel casting trays, gel combs for other systems, and tube holders.

Here at Gel Combs, we’re not redesigning the wheel. We’re making the wheel sleeker, cheaper, and more efficient.

Do you have questions? Comments? Concerns? A frustration with a product you use every day in the lab? Let us know and join the innovation process today!