Smarter combs for the smarter scientist.
Gel Electrophoresis Combs
Replacement gel combs at a lower price.
Custom comb design specialists.
Any number of wells.
Any system.
Replacement Combs
Compatible with Bio-Rad & Fisher.
Up to 50% less than competitors.
Choose number of wells.
Laser engraved.
Vibrant colors.
Custom Gel Combs
Have your own design in mind?
Any number of wells.
Any thickness.
Any system.
Any color.
Any anything.
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The Perfect Comb
Our gel combs are sleek, easy to use, and cost efficient. Why switch to Gel Combs? Because our users love them, of course.
"I stopped using Bio-Rad's combs altogether."
— Erin Zess, Undergrad, UW Madison Microbiology
"The gel combs worked perfectly, they are easy to use and allow greater flexibility in my experimental design; Plus, the students really liked the cool colors!"
— Richard Barker, PhD, UW Madison Genetics
"The Gel Combs kit finally provided me with the flexibility I need for setting up my DNA gels properly. I use 8 well strip tubes in my experiments so the 17 well comb lets me directly compare data from two strip tubes, saving a lot of gels in the process."
— Andrew Markley, PhD, UW Madison Synthetic Biology
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